Divine Blood
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Clans of Divine Blood

A Clan is a collection of PlayerKillers (PKs), united in a common cause and dedicated to follow one Leader.

Joining a Clan can be a dangerous step. Usually, each Clan will have enemies and by affiliating yourself with them you will inherit their legacy. Clans also can be volatile, and infighting is not unheard of. Any member of a Clan can take control of that Clan by killing the Leader. Think wisely and consider all the risks when contemplating joining a Clan.

If none of the existing Clans are to your taste, the option of creating a new Clan is available. Look up the Clan Prices help file to see what is required. You will also have to get the consent of the Clan Immortal (See Wizlist) before a new Clan can be made. The governing Immortal's word is final on all matters not explicitly spelled out in this help file.

<ORDER>Order of Mercenaries
< DOOM>Monastery of Doom
<BROOD>The Brood
<TOUAW>Touwen Awaechian
<HORDE>The Horde of Abaddon
< V P >Vampyre Partnership
<THERA>The Academy of Thera
<TORCH>T'basi Resistance
<LIGHT>Legions of the Light
<STEEL>Brotherhood of Steel
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