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Order of Mercenaries

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  • Enki (Rank 4: The Chosen)
  • Enlil (Rank 8: PK Elite)
  • Nephtis (Rank 9: Lackey)
  • Jebson (Rank 8: PK Elite)
  • Antaslo (Rank 1: Lord of Wrath)
  • Yawgmoth (Rank 2: Legend of Order)
  • Bashem (Rank 2: Legend of Order)
  • Zippy (Rank 9: Lackey)
  • Gracgul (Rank 5: Acolyte)
  • Tober (Rank 9: Lackey)
  • Kronos (Rank 9: Lackey)
  • Balthanarrh (Rank 9: Lackey)
  • Iris (Rank 4: The Chosen)

  • In the Great War, as in any war, there were those that sold their
    allegiances to whatever god or army promised (and sometimes even paid) the
    most.  While mercenaries are not the most valiant, or romantic aspect of war
    they have definitely proven to be an effective part. In the number of years
    following the destruction of Thalos the number of mercenaries in Thera fell
    drastically, due mainly to the perceived lack of need.  Yet all the while,
    around the Lands, bandits and various malcontents, along with others
    considered lower forms of life, began to abound.

    As the ages passed, a Sorcerer named Daedulus - involved at the time with
    those known as the Order of Baeon - grew greater in power and, having
    noticed this rather disturbing trend, discussed possible solutions with a
    compatriot - the Elven Priest, Akron. Having decided the best way to combat
    the rising scourge of banditry and other nefarious types of activity - and
    to also deal with certain more political matters (that most were too
    'delicate' to even acknowledge as existing) - was to attempt to consolidate
    all of Thera's mercenaries under one banner, the two formed the intention to
    do just that.

    There being many who wished to see the destruction of the Order of Baeon and
    due to a growing dissatisfaction with the hierarchy within the Order; it
    came about that the first commission Akron and Daedulus decided to accept as
    a consolidated guild of Mercenaries was the extremely generous bounty
    offered on that very leadership.  This, they believed, would show the world
    that, not only was their order of mercenaries serious but that mercenaries
    had a valid part to play in the ongoing growth of Thera. As fortune would
    have it, Daedulus slew the then leader of the Order of Baeon within a very
    short time and, raising the banner for himself, sent out a call to all
    mercenaries to rally to him.

    Wanting to provide all those mercenaries rallying to their banner with a
    solid home base, Akron and Daedulus saw that the buildings of the now
    defeated Order of Baeon were neither good enough, nor properly defensible.
    With that they razed the old hall to the ground and, removing only what was
    easily transferable, built a more defendable headquarters elsewhere.

    Goals of
      * Offer services to all who need it, for a small price.
      * To gather all Mercenaries together to better serve the citizens of
      * To promote avarice in the lands of Thera and profit from the needs of
        the masses.

    Requirements for joining
      * The ability to not show favouritism to any, unless paid.
      * The ability to take and complete bounties on your own.
      * Must be an active member, and completion of at least 14 Clan Quests a
        week is mandatory.
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