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The Academy of Thera

Who name:<THERA>
  • Elanya (Rank 2: Helpful HeadMaster's Lackey)
  • Osthyvel (Rank 1: Respectable Headmaster)
  • Authoro (Rank 8: Apprentice)

  • The Academy of Thera was formed in the time after the Great War which
    plunged the world into great darkness. The war destroyed many places of
    learning, and knowing ignorance would open a path to victory for the Greater
    Raseus the wraith began to build a new school. In this school would
    future generations be taught of the lessons and ways to fight the coming
    darkness with knowledge. With the assistance of Metinaius, the academy was
    quickly built, and students were allowed to attend. However, the original dream
    of Raseus was not to be.

       Tragedy struck when forces serving the Great Darkness moved into the near
    empty academy and slew Raseus. Believing his former associate was deceased,
    Metinaius took on the role of Headmaster and formed his own dream. Still would
    the students be taught and learned in the ways of Thera's history, but now they
    would be trained how to fight and defend themselves from the agents of
    the Darkness.

       * To enlighten the ignorant
       * To teach new generations self-defense
       * To prepare for the coming Darkness
       * To instill a true sense of honour and justice in the coming generations

       * Applicants must be below level 25, unless decided otherwise by the Headmaster
       * Respect and loyalty to the Teachers and Headmaster of the
       * Willingness to learn
       * Honour to all those who deserve it
       * A willingness to role play
       * A fee of 250 * level in gold

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