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Legions of the Light

Who name:<LIGHT>
  • Tsistekeri (Rank 9: Caffeinated of the LIGHT)
  • Bronwyn (Rank 1: Grandee of the Legion)
  • Daeryn (Rank 9: Caffeinated of the LIGHT)
  • Anarcus (Rank 6: Dread Gladiator)
  • Kane (Rank 2: Advisor)
  • Asmodeus (Rank 2: Advisor)
  • Ravan (Rank 2: Advisor)
  • Xarzon (Rank 8: Lannas Sidhe)
  • Seifert (Rank 7: Quartermaster of the Legion)
  • Narg (Rank 2: Advisor)
  • Odna (Rank 3: Champion of Baeon)

  • The Legions Of The Light

      From times beyond recollection, the evil forces of Chassim's
    treachery have roamed Thera's lands. For generations on end, the populace
    of Thera have known no peace, no relief from the oppression and destructive
    powerlust that has infected so many. Long ago, Baeon wisely saw how Thera's
    affliction would grow and sent out a call to any that would stand against
    Chassim. A small number of champions valiantly rose to the challenge and
    over the years their stand has been unwavering. Fighting tooth and nail
    againsty the tyranny of wickedness  and avarice, these brave champions of
    Baeon have slowly gathered yet more to the banner of hope and deliverance.
    Together, The Legions of the Light defend Baeon's Cause, protecting the
    innocent people of Thera and attempting to restore Thera to Mota's original

      * To destroy the corrupt influence of evil and chaos upon Thera, most
        notably the armies of Chassim.
      * To protect and avenge the innocent citizens of Thera.
      * To spread across Thera, the worship and devotion to Baeon through
        honourable conduct.


      * Devotion to Baeon and the goals of the Legions of the Light.
      * No tolerance for evil or malicious beings.
      * A desire to be an active member, fighting to make a difference.
      * The ability to be well spoken and inoffensive
      * A well created character with a good knowledge of Thera and pk.
        (Ability will be assessed on application)
      * Good aligned Baeon worshipers are greatly preferred. Other
        alignments and gods may be accepted, but only if a convincing reason
        for recruitment is given and their conduct reflects in all ways, their
        devotion to Light's cause. **Choosing other alignments for personal
        benefit is inacceptable. (eg. Choosing neutral to gain access to both
        good and evil spells)**
      * No entrance fee is required. Support the clan with your actions, more
        than your gold.

      * http://ravaan.tripod.com/Light/

    (See also: CLAN, 'PK RULES'.)
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