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Monastery of Doom

Who name:< DOOM>
  • Spagshoz (Rank 9: Acolyte of Doom)
  • Ceausescu (Rank 2: Doctor Doom)
  • Akron (Rank 9: Acolyte of Doom)

  • The Monastery of Doom

      In the beginning, Mota created all life on this world.  His hand sheltered
    and protected his children. But in his absence, the very reason for which
    was to protect his creation, there are those who would dare forget and
    abandon him. A number of his followers watched, disgusted at those who would
    seek to usurp his power and destroy his children, waiting for their god to
    return and punish the blasphemers. After generations of waiting, Mota's
    faithful have begun to act, realizing their god may not return for many a
    year. Now these self appointed guardians of Thera have banded together, and
    prepare to rain Doom down upon Mota's enemies.

      * Restore Mota to a position of absolute power.
      * Punish the wicked souls who have turned their backs on their creator.
      * Honour the father of the gods, and await his triumphant return.

      * Show honour, save for those who have shown they do not deserve it.
      * At least moderate knowledge of the land of Thera and of battle.
      * Applicants of any alignment can be accepted. And while those who worship
        Mota are preferred, any who see the error of their ways may fight for
        his cause.
      * Members are required to successfully complete at least seven clanquests
        a week unless they have obtained permission from clan leadership to do

    (See also: CLAN, 'PK RULES'.)
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