Divine Blood
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The Horde of Abaddon

Who name:<HORDE>
  • Darokel (Rank 6: Guardian of Torment)
  • Parli (Rank 9: Crazed Stalker)
  • Dranka (Rank 1: Purgatory's Assassin)
  • Rikimaru (Rank 9: Crazed Stalker)
  • Ceno (Rank 2: Deranged Vigilante)
  • Syxxtos (Rank 1: Purgatory's Assassin)
  • Ios (Rank 3: Epitome of Horror)
  • Armuri (Rank 9: Crazed Stalker)

  • The Horde of Abaddon

    Soon after the Order of Baeon transformed into the Order of Mercenaries,
    three men: a powerful sorcerer, Daedulus; a sly thief, Maeglin; and a
    dangerous rogue, Azriel; joined together to bring the power of the evil
    forces to a whole other level.  The
    Horde was formed in the name of Chassim
    and teaches strictly the routes of evil to its followers.  The
    Horde is at
    war with the Legions of Light in an attempt to destroy all Good in Thera.

    For many years evil has plagued the lands of Thera.  The dark forces of
    Chassim wreak chaos throughout the lands.  That shall never cease.  To this
    day, that constant oppression and destruction of the lands of Thera has
    continued, and will continue until all perish.  The followers and spirit of
    Chassim will rise above to suppress Mota and his purpose, as well as all
    who follow

    Just as the
    Horde was appearing to vanish, as well as all hope of Evil
    taking over the lands of Thera; a young follower, a knight, Darokel, came
    to the head and kept this legacy alive.

    Long live
    Long live Evil!
    Long live The
    Horde of Abaddon!


    *To wreak havoc, evil, and chaos all throughout Thera.

    *Resist the rise of Good in Thera by any means possible.

    *Bring down any follower of


    *It is preferred that applicants be Evil and worship
    Few exceptions may be made only by the

    *Applicants must have knowledge of both the lands of Thera and
    of battle deemed acceptable by at least two recruiting ranks.

    *Each applicant must complete a task given by the
    Avatar, whether that
    be item retrieval, a mini-quest, or killing a specified target/s.

    *Applicants must have the desire to be active, and supportive towards
    the clan and its members.

    *A minimum of 15 clanquests are to be done per week.
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