Divine Blood
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Who name:<HAVOC>
  • Pica (Rank 2: Minister of Pestilence)
  • Murdoc (Rank 1: Vathaelian Warlord)
  • Arthur (Rank 9: Das Favourkind)
  • Brock (Rank 4: Vathaelian Face Smasher)


         For years, many have roamed the lands of Thera.  An ongoing battle
    between Good and Evil has continued forever and there was no stopping it
    now. This once chaotic world has toned down far too much.  Since when has
    it been required to ask permission to defend oneself and do what is felt
    right?  Due to the current status in these lands, a new clan arises with
    a vision; a vision to once again return bedlam and disarray to Thera.

         This clan was known as

         Just as the name implies, may Havoc unleash the torment and the
    sickness of their anarchic minds and troubled pasts amongst these lands and
    leave it in desolation. May we destroy every creature and every last child
    of Mota with no looking back.  Either join us, or oppose us as we embark on
    our journey.


       *Lay waste to anyone and anything that lies in your way.
       *Show no remorse.


       *Must be active and show devotion to the clan.
       *Any alignment may join the ranks.
       *All members must have knowledge of Thera and prove their ability in PK
        (offense, defense, running, etc).
       *An examination and/or task will be given to recruits prior to acceptance.
       *There is no entrance fee, however members must complete clanquests and
        support other members of the clan.
       *No victim should be full-looted unless previously discussed. Only the
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