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Vampyre Partnership

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  • Xyzion (Rank 9: Human Fodder)
  • Dravin (Rank 8: Dark Apprentice)
  • Maar (Rank 9: Human Fodder)
  • Janisw (Rank 2: Dark Demon)
  • Kailen (Rank 2: Dark Demon)
  • Lugh (Rank 8: Dark Apprentice)
  • Gauban (Rank 6: Slayer of Elves)
  • Jaraq (Rank 2: Dark Demon)

  • Vampire Partnership

       Stoically they traversed the lands of Thera, feeding on any mortal unlucky
    enough to cross their path.  Lost, somewhere between life and death they
    sought meaning in nothingness.  Alone, they are predators, mortals, their
    prey.  Damned for all eternity to suffer the indignity of immortality they
    screamed for a purpose.

       Solitary by nature, single-minded in purpose, and without conscience they
    wandered the wilderness, the villages, and the seas of Thera.

       They slowly began to move out of the shadows after the great war between
    Baeon and Chassim, and into the crammed darkened streets of Thera's cities
    and towns, seeking others like them.  The damned look upon each other with both
    awe and disdain, for what need does one have for another lost soul.  But as
    the Therans began to recognize the threat posed by these "monsters" they banded
    together to fight the misunderstood darkness.  The need for organization was
    becoming obvious to those whom call humans and their ilk food.

       Gathering in a dank tomb, unknown except to them, slowly they found their
    brethren.  They established a hierarchy, organized their weapons and ideas,
    and moved to enlist allies against those who would persecute them.

       Vampires kill, it is in their nature to do so.  We will do it quickly, and
    without remorse, for make no mistakes, you, children of Thera, are our food.

       * To protect those damned to feed off the blood of others to survive.
       * To attack and kill those who would attempt to destroy us.
       * To honor all vampires, no matter of clan affiliation or history, for we
         are brethren.
       * To enlist allies against those who would hunt us down.

       * All vampires, regardless of alignment, skill, or experience are welcome.
       * Improvement is a requirement, if no progress is shown you will be
         thrown to the mortals.
       * A test of basic competence must be performed before entry. The test will
         be administered by the clan leader or another member who posses the
         ability to recruit.

    (See also: CLAN, 'PK RULES'.)
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