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Touwen Awaechian

Who name:<TOUAW>
  • Xevious (Rank 1: Manager of Magnificence)
  • Alalu (Rank 2: Counselor of Connivance)

  • Touwen Awachien.

    At its inception, TOUAW served as a haven for the friends and allies of
    Kailen VonGunwynd and his capable advisor, Xarzon Ambrosius. Together they
    used the most prominent bond between all, the vampire race, to craft an
    identity for TOUAW as a clan of vampires and other nocturnal creatures.
    Though the reign of Kailen and Xarzon proved moderately fruitful, with the
    passage of time came the passage of power from Kailen to Xarzon and
    eventually to Samtu Sasuraisha. Samtu, upon realising the stagnation of her
    clan as tied together by race, decided to effect a well-needed change of
    purpose to better embody a deeper commonality between her clanmates and

    TOUAW now stands as a clan dedicated to committing mischief in all
    permissible forms. Although TOUAW seeks non-human membership
    and, as a direct result of its purpose, does not generally accept dwarves,
    giants or good-aligned trolls, nevertheless its members form a diverse and
    colourful group. They have a tendency towards individualism, some perhaps
    even insanity, though also a fiendish loyalty to leader and clan. The members
    of TOUAW are encouraged to duel honourably yet given reign to fight and form
    amicable or inimical relationships with whomever they choose, as
    TOUAW as
    an entity presents a particularly neutral stance on its own relations with
    other clans.

    Goals of
       * Promote
    jest and mischief throughout Thera.
       * Use fighting as a means for self-improvement and/or mischief.
       * Provide sanctuary for the dispossessed who meet TOUAW requirements.
       * Fortify TOUAW in order to strengthen each individual, and vice versa.

    Requirements of
       * A vow of loyalty to the leader and advisors.
       * Some form of previous ongoing PK experience; arena battles do NOT
       * Completion of a quest given by a recruiting officer.
       * Drive to participate
    actively in TOUAW through questing, fighting
         and suggestions.

    (See also: CLAN, 'PK RULES'.)
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