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T'basi Resistance

Who name:<TORCH>
  • Altair (Rank 9: New Recruit)
  • Calypso (Rank 9: New Recruit)
  • Toljen (Rank 1: Commander)
  • Miroslav (Rank 2: Torch Bearer)

  • T'basi Observation, Resistance and Counter-offensive Haven,

    In the early days, when peace returned to the lands of Thera, after the
    Great War, the tribes of Thera went their own ways, and slowly became
    embittered enemies again. This led to the inability of the clans to
    work together for a common cause. When the T'basi started their
    invasion, there was much confusion in the lands of Thera, and many
    were slain. A group called Torch soon emerged, and is a guiding light
    of coexistence and resistance to the T'basi for all of Thera to this day.

    Goals of TORCH

      >> To defend the lands of Thera against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
      >> To defeat, and assist in the defeat of, foreign enemies at any cost.
      >> To render assistance to our allies first, then to other domestic groups.
      >> To build strong and lasting alliances across the boundaries of race,
         inclination, or the god one worships.
      >> To be an example to all of Thera of how one should act.


      >> A demonstrated knowledge of the lands and seas of Thera.
      >> Completion of a quest assigned by Rank 1.
      >> A Roman Vote by members.
      >> Completion of a minimum of 10 clan quests a week.
      >> Absolute fealty to the law, allies, superiors, and subordinates alike.
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