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The realm of Divine Blood is a MUD set in medieval fantasy. We offer four professions and eight races to create a character with. Players may also customize their character's skills and spells to make themselves unique from every other player. Becoming a PlayerKiller (PK) is optional and utilizes a well-balanced and sophisticated system for players to engage each other in combat.

Players may join existing clans that are operated by other players, or create their own clan to fulfill their role playing goals. To purchase or join a clan the player must have PlayerKiller (PK) status. Clans may purchase various enhancements to their beginning clan areas such as: extra rooms to expand, NPC characters to guard against intruders, Shopkeepers to sell unique goods, and more.

Divine Blood has 91 levels for mortals, and a remort system that allows a player who has reached level 91 to level up again with enhanced skills. An automated quest system has been instituted and players may accumulate quest points and purchase special items with those points. Immortals also throw in special quests for players from time to time. We also have an automated player home system, allowing players to buy homes and purchase and alter additions to their home.

The only things we ask of players are to follow the rules, use common sense, role play to develop their character, and, mostly importantly, enjoy yourselves. We hope that your experience with us is satisfying and you will return often. (:

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