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Bashem, I miss you all!

Level:  91
Race:   Giant
Class:  Knight
Age:    195
Gender: Male
Clan:   <ORDER>
Rank 2: Legend of Order
Bounty: 100000
Last Seen: 51 days, 10 hours, 16 minutes ago

Akron clans 'You r00l the sch00l
Dranka says 'this axe is going to be the death of many Lighties =P
Kane OOCs 'you are really a joke.. Make fun all you want, I'll keep quiet now.
Your slice >>> PULVERIZES <<< Jana Poor's head. [450]
Here you see Bashem Balth'ner the Giant Knight.
You gain 7 practices!
You gain 7 practices!
Death will thank you for your gift.

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