Divine Blood
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Iris Siris-Eclipso.

Level:  58
Race:   Vampire
Class:  Knight
Age:    193
Gender: Female
Clan:   <ORDER>
Rank 4: The Chosen
Bounty: 999
Last Seen: 408 days, 2 hours, 9 minutes ago

Akron OOCs 'Ah well, no time to play pester Iris today... I have to get back the hospital.'
Miroslav gives you a Mota token.
[ARENA] Iris committed suicide at Nothingness.
You OOC 'I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to do it on purpose.'
Someone OOCs 'I think they used that excuse at Nuerenburg :)'
You OOC 'In 9 years this is the first time ever I did something like this.'
An Immortal OOCs 'I'M-A GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
An Immortal OOCs 'I was blaming Iris'
Darokel says 'I can never figure out why your desc includes "Darokel OOCs 'haha''

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