Divine Blood
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Balthanarrh. Damn straight.

Level:  67
Race:   Giant
Class:  Knight
Age:    56
Gender: Male
Clan:   <ORDER>
Rank 9: Lackey
Bounty: 150
Last Seen: 4345 days, 0 hours, 29 minutes ago

Before you stands an ancient giant of immeasurable age.  He easily stands
eleven feet tall if not more.

His head is topped with a large black hood fringed at the edges from years of
wear.  His eyes are aged and wise and the bags under them express the years of
torment and torture throughout his years.  A large scar extends from the left
eye and disapears behind his beard line. His well groomed beard extends past
the middle of his chest and is adorned with two large braids on either side
about the size of human's arm.

His gaze meets yours for but a second.  He looks away and returns to his
business.  Hundreds of years have worn away the emotion in his face and
his heart holds no allegience but to that which leads to his personal

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