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Role Play

Role-playing is the act of portraying a character within a setting as
would a thespian (actor/actress). 
Divine Blood encourages role-play
whole-heartedly.  Although this does not mean anyone should use "thee"s
and "thou"s excessively, the Immortal staff does recommend self-control
when speaking aloud, particularly on public channels (
OOC is set aside
for contemporary discussions).  The Immortal staff would also like to
promote consciousness of one's alignment.  If a player is angelic, then
that person should behave as such.  Evil players are expected to behave
in an evil manner.
   Yes, it IS possible to role-play an evil character without breaking
rules.  For instance, an angelic player should not backstab another.  Evil
players should not collect equipment, or provide any aid, to anyone that
is unwilling to return the favor and then some.  Neutral players can
pretty much do whatever they want, so long as they don't swing one
direction for too long.
   Role-play may also involve immersion in the character, including the
choosing of a name and title.

(See also: NAME, 2TITLE, IC.)
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