Divine Blood
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Divine Blood uses ninety-one mortal levels. Once a character
reaches level 91, there is little to do but quest, player-kill,
and/or strengthen a clan. Remorting allows one to become better in
their profession. Warriors remort into knights; thieves to rogues;
mages to sorcerers; and clerics to priests.
   Remorted players only keep their attributes, and their bank account.
Equipment, weapons, questpoints, practices, and trains do not carry
Once a player remorts, all clan affiliations and pk/mob records
are erased. Remorted classes are offered extra skills and spells and
are allowed to practice them up to 80% instead of 70%. 

Remorts do keep their homes when remorting.  In fact, a home can be
a good place to store things to help as you level back up.

Cost of remort: 5000 questpoints
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