Divine Blood
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These are the rules of Divine Blood.  For other matters, we STRONGLY advise
you to use some intelligent thought where rules do not apply.  You can get
more detailed help on any rule by typing, '

1)  Do not
cheat. This includes accepting favors from gods and exploiting

2)  Do not intend/cause harm to No-PKs or out-of-range PKs outside these

3)  Do not loot any player's corpse without permission, except if PK and
    within level range.

4)  Do not
multiplay.  This is for both PK and No-PK characters.

5)  Do not

6)  Do not
advertise other muds.

7)  Do not share or sell your characters to other players.

8)  Do not impersonate or ask to become an immortal.

9)  Wait a
minimum of FIVE MINUTES when signing on with another character.
    This is for both PK and No-PK characters.

10) No-PKs are not allowed to
killsteal.  PKs can, if within level range.

11) No-PKs are not allowed to interfere in PK battles directly.

12) No passwords are given out.  Don't bother asking.

13) Do not ask immortals for reimbursement due to personal misfortune.

14) Do NOT threaten any character in an out-of-character manner.

*** Changes to these rules are at the discretion of the immortals, and may
or may not be announced. It is impossible to write every single rule, so
use some common sense and try to follow the common law. Stupidity and
ignorance are no excuse.  Read the rules often.

(See also: CLAN, 'PK RULES'.)
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