Divine Blood
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Narg is the Final Boss of this game.

Level:  91
Race:   Giant
Class:  Knight
Age:    471
Gender: Male
Clan:   <LIGHT>
Rank 2: Advisor
Bounty: 10101
Last Seen: 15 days, 8 hours, 39 minutes ago

Jamie tells you 'someone told me you like it ruff'
Decon says '(White Rogue) yeah thats right bitch i like it rough'
Dameon OOCs '<-TNO-> are you still a man?'
Kathena says 'I am thinking about Krow and Vhramis having wild sex'
Diocletian OOCs 'I am not going to have hot bunny sex with you, so stop asking.'
Syndal says 'i'm just holding out for angelina jolie'
Divine OOCs, 'I had a penis once.  I cut it off and put it in a jar.'
Makr OOCs 'does this mean db2 is going to get some new foreskin?'
Shunk OOCs 'stop your turning me on'
Talanvor OOCs 'Out of curiosity were your parents first cousins?'
An immortal ICs 'Well, I can guess who didn't get a gold star in school.'
Valkries OOCs 'wrong again sylia master of fucking ur mom is who i am'
Agrias tells you 'I wish I had an inflatable cow'
Syndal OOCs 'i do like lesbians they're great'
Bashem says 'i love you narg i want yer babies'
An Immortal OOCs 'No, the anti-Narg coding forbids it.'
An Immortal says 'Ayachin, do you like boys?'

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