Divine Blood
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Asmodeus, son of Ashmor

Level:  91
Race:   Dwarf
Class:  Priest
Age:    214
Gender: Male
Clan:   <LIGHT>
Rank 2: Advisor
Bounty: 10000
Last Seen: 336 days, 17 hours, 4 minutes ago

Forgotten OOCs 'we dont all have 4k hps at level 58'
Brock OOCs 'steroid baby'
You OOC 'If you want hps, make a troll knight and quest your ass off. It's not ALL about hps.'
Fireca OOCs 'says amso:P'
Kane OOCs 'Take me, I have 3600 hp, HOURS: 3176 and a nice high damroll for a magic user, I can hardly break into FoT without useing a shit load of limes.'
An Immortal OOCs 'Yeah if this was DB1, Asmo could buy another 5200 hp with his qp.'
You OOC '*orgasm*'
Kane OOCs 'Asmo how many qp do you have?'
You OOC 'A little over 80k.'
Kane OOCs 'Hey Asmo, you know what'
Kane OOCs 'I hate you :-('
Forgotten OOCs 'who evil comes close to asmo?'
An Immortal OOCs 'Forgotten, NOBODY comes close to Asmo, he's an anomaly'
You OOC 'That imm is lying....A lot of 91s are beyond me.'
An Immortal OOCs 'the quest system was changed - in part - because of Asmo'
An Immortal OOCs 'Don't split hairs, that bastard messed it up for everyone.'
An Immortal OOCs 'we don't hold your peepee so you can piss'
An Immortal OOCs 'if anyone else wants to sit here 20 hours of every day, they're wlecome'

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