Divine Blood
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Parli Ol'natan Drow of Darkness

Level:  91
Race:   Drow
Class:  Thief
Age:    25
Gender: Male
Clan:   <HORDE>
Rank 9: Crazed Stalker
Bounty: 0
Last Seen: 2760 days, 13 hours, 27 minutes ago

An Immortal tells you 'I think it must be, because I hadn't included that in my anti-Bree code.
An Immortal tells you 'Sorry. Mistell.'
An Immortal yells 'get outa here!'
An Immortal yells 'Get off the lawn!'
You yell 'I used to do this to Luni all the time.'
An Immortal yells 'It's a wonder he didn't toss you in the dungeon.'
Anelat says 'My pussy troll tried to bite me.'
Anelat OOCs 'Now now baby. Let's not turn this rape into murder.'

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