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Ios, still The Elf. Any questions?

Level:  58
Race:   Elf
Class:  Thief
Age:    23
Gender: Male
Clan:   <HORDE>
Rank 3: Epitome of Horror
Bounty: 0
Last Seen: 3160 days, 18 hours, 46 minutes ago

Utar OOCs 'Ooh look! Something shiny! BRB'
Utar OOCs 'Turns out, it was NOT an ostritch. I am saddened.'
Anelat says 'Hi Yawgmoth. Want to join the 'I HATE BASHEM WITH A FIREY PASSION' club?'
Anelat OOCs 'Immy should set us all on fire instead. Or just Bashem. Whichever.'
Garnwin says 'You keep your hands where I can see 'em'
Garnwin says 'Damn dirty drow. =)'
Ricola says 'he comes from the future either way'
You say 'You better drink than. Nobody likes a quitter Ane.'
Anelat says 'True 'dat, yo.'
Anelat says 'Well dur. Cannot trust elves.'
Uta OOCs 'He is not an attractive man, but I would totally do him."
Uta OOCs 'Well we are off to [CENSORED], then watch some more Veronica Mars. Byea.'
Uta OOCs 'Finally! My woman cooks so fucking slow. We are out.'
Uta OOCs 'Hrmm. Okay, I am sated for now. Thank you for this random conversation. Brought to you today by the letter Q, and the number 0.'
Uta OOCs 'Dur. We are 10% more awesome with every bite.'
Uta OOCs 'Which is part of what makes our relationship hilarious. The juxtaposition.'

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