Divine Blood
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KailenVonGunwyndLord Thanatos

Level:  91
Race:   Vampire
Class:  Knight
Age:    86
Gender: Male
Clan:   < V P >
Rank 2: Dark Demon
Bounty: 1337
Last Seen: 3410 days, 22 hours, 55 minutes ago

A man stands before of about six-feet two inches or so. The first features you notice a he
lowers the hood on his cloak is his face, his eyes stare, deep and dark with halos of a
brilliant green, set back almost squinting as if searching for something. The lashes of his
eyes long and light in color with dark roots only add to the darkened glare. His brow
above, furrowed and rigid, going white in color at a young age seems to be rather thick
but separated. His complexion pale, from lack of seeing the light of day, a really near
blank white pale. His complexion is only to be lightened further by the whiteness of the
hair that sits atop his head. His hair is long and white and hangs down just passed his
shoulders with a single black streak flowing out from the top right side of his head all the
way down to the tips. Looking lower to his rigid firm and solid jaw, clenched tight
waiting for something to happen, you notice the edges running up to his ears. They sit
even, sleek and smooth and almost twitching as if taking in every little noise.

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