Divine Blood
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Forgotten I'shtaruk, No more motas

Level:  53
Race:   Wraith
Class:  Priest
Age:    54
Gender: Male
Clan:   <STEEL>
Rank 2: Shield of the Brotherhood
Bounty: 500
Last Seen: 3220 days, 21 hours, 17 minutes ago

Slowly fading in and out of existance a small frail figure floats here silently.  His mangy white hair can only partially be
seen protruding from beneath his
charcoal hood.  A faint yellow glow is radiating from a small red pebble on his
gnarled finger.  Waiting patiently here for his Lord Xharr to return, he slowly turns to you and smiles.
Forgotten 5 : T'basi 2.

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