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Rule 9

(RULE 9) Wait a minimum of 5 minutes when signing on with another character.

   Simply wait 5 minutes before you decide to login with another character.
This rule is enforced to help stop the practice of people assisting their
alternate characters illegally.

   Please note: the 5 minutes is timed from when the first character actually
logs off, not from when you close your window.
Simply dropping link is
not logging off and can get you a penalty.
Only typing
QUIT is sufficient to log you off completely.
This also applies when not wishing to change from one character to another.
The only proper way to leave the game is to type

   Note: If you are from the same IP, please wait the five minutes, despite
that you might actually be a different person using that machine.  We have
had problems with this situation and were forced to integrate this policy.

(See also: CLAN, RULES, 'PK RULES'.)
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