Divine Blood
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Rule 13

13) Do not ask for reimbursements due to personal misfortune.

   You are responsible for your own sanity at all times.  Immortals are
only allowed to reimburse characters, equipment, or tokens when there has
been a specific rule violation.  Temporary insanity, demonic possession,
Communist conspiracy, or little green men holding you at gunpoint are NOT
valid reasons* for reimbursements.  Use some rational thought before acting.

* Nor is you dropping large amounts of coin on the ground, or on a house floor.
If you're wanting to gift someone who is offline with some coin -
GO VISIT USEYR (in Midgaard) and pay his fees.  Don't come crying to the IMMs
if you've dropped so much you cannot pick it up.

(See also: CLAN, RULES, 'PK RULES'.)
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