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Syntax: recall

RECALL prays to Mota for miraculous transportation from where you are
back to the Temple of Midgaard.  '
/' is a synonym for RECALL.  Mota,
unfortunately, is away helping other gods in other realms battling a
vicious and powerful foe.  His brethren are in charge until he returns.

If you
RECALL during combat, you will lose experience (more than for fleeing),
and you will have a chance of failing (again, more than for fleeing).  This
chance is based on your
RECALL skill, although a 100% RECALL does not
ensure success.

RECALL costs half of your movement points.
RECALL doesn't work in certain god-forsaken rooms.  Characters
     afflicted by a curse may not
RECALL at all.  The same goes with
     anyone affected by a PK timer.  Buy appropriate scrolls.

There is a time when the gods trust players to take care of themselves.  At
level 10, players lose their
RECALL ability as a command and must do
one of two things to perform the transportation ability.  Either the
WORD OF RECALL' spell must be learned, or various magical artifacts
must be found, which serve as a magical medium for the spell.

(See also: SRECALL.)
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