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Pk Rules

You are strongly encouraged to follow these few PK rules. Ignorance and
stupidity are no excuse.

      1. Once a player has been killed in a PK battle, the winner may not
         initiate a second battle with the loser until after midnight, system
         time, unless the loser attacks the winner first, in which case the
         loser cancels his or her right to this protection until someone dies.
         Everything resets at midnight system time.  So, if you kill someone at
         23:00 system time, you may attack once again the following day at
         00:01 if you'd like.  If your pet or charmie causes your victim to
         die, it is considered your kill and you may not attack them until
         either they give up their protection in a manner stated below, or the
         next 00:00 system time.
          The following are signs of aggression. These actions would cancel the
          victim's protection:
a) The victim initiates an attack on his/her killer.  This includes
            anything that sets the pk timer. (whispering, direct attack, etc.)
b) The victim enters the killer's clan hall.
c) The victim is grouped with a player who is attacking the killer.
          -This rule doesn't apply:
(  i) When getting multikilled by your own clan.
( ii) If the victim is TWITTED, etc.
(iii) If you wish to 'watch a fight' and the combatants use room
                 spells. It is your fault if you get hit or are drawn into the
                 fight, not the fault of the caster who cannot use scan during
                 combat in order to see if it is 'safe' to cast.     
( iv) If you re-challenge the winner of your previous fight, or
                 otherwise indicate - on OOC or IC, by note, in witnessed says,
                 etc - that you wish a rematch.

      2. PK players may only intend or cause harm to other PK players who are
         within their PK range, are trespassing into the attacker's clan hall,
         or are in the arena.  Any other type of death or harm is forbidden.

         --This rule doesn't apply if
(iii) above is true.     

         Refer to general RULES for more information.

      3. Causing harm or killing a No-PK player is illegal under most
         circumstances. For a list of acceptable ways to kill or harm a No-PK,
         please consult

      4. PK players found within clan halls not their own are free game. 
Note: If within a clan hall and attacked, the assailant may continue
         the attack regardless of the victim leaving the clan hall area. You
         remain vulnerable until your timer is off.  This goes for other forms
         of attack too.

Break any of these rules, and you WILL be punished.

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