Divine Blood
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The dark-skinned 'cousins' of the Elves, Drow have sinister, greedy
hearts.  Whether by political, physical, or financial means, the race -
ruled by a hierarchical Matriarchal society - strives for power as a
group... and individually.  When a back can be stabbed for personal
gain, it will be done.
  The Drow are very agile fighters and keen of mind.  (They have to be to
survive.)  Having spent millennia in their underground cities, the Drow have
developed the ability to see the heat emitted by their surroundings.  Because
of this evolutionary step, Drow get permanent '
INFRAVISION'.  Compared with
Elves, the Drow are more quick-witted and have a greater understanding of
survival tactics.  Drow are best as mages and thieves.  Drow also receive
SNEAK and LEVITATE ability.

The plural of DROW is also DROW.
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