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A Clan is a collection of PlayerKillers (PKs), united in a common cause
and dedicated to follow one Leader.

Joining a Clan can be a dangerous step. Usually, each Clan will have enemies
and by affiliating yourself with them you will inherit their legacy. Clans
also can be volatile, and infighting is not unheard of. Any member of a Clan
can take control of that Clan by killing the Leader. Think wisely and
consider all the risks when contemplating joining a Clan.

If none of the existing Clans are to your taste, the option of creating a
new Clan is available. Look up the Clan Prices help file to see what is
required. You will also have to get the consent of the Clan Immortal (See
Wizlist) before a new Clan can be made. The governing Immortal's word is
final on all matters not explicitly spelled out in this help file.

Clan Leaders must log in at least once every 30 (
*) days, otherwise it will
be assumed the Leader has lost interest in the Clan and the rank passed on
to another within the Clan.
If you foresee being unable to log on within this time frame, please contact
the staff to make suitable arrangements.
* If the leader has been inactive for some time, despite logging on within
the allowed time frame, after repeated absences of 7 or more days a petition
from a majority of those members who log regularly may be used to request
Clan Immortal to depose said leader.

To learn more about a particular Clan, you may consult that Clan's help file
by using the name of that Clan: i.e.
Light or Brood. That information is
also available on the Divine Blood website.

Clan members should familiarize themselves with the provided information:

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